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  • Do you have a BIG Message that can change the world but no one seems to be listening?
  • Are you tired of continuing to play small?
  • Have you ever wondered if it's even possible to get your message out there and get heard above the noise?

If you'd like the answers and solutions to these challenges and more, you'll want to participate in the 30-Day Podcasting Challenge. 

Join us for the Podcasting Challenge and learn how to create, produce, market and monetize your own podcast series!

Here are just some of your benefits...

  • Expand Your Reach

    Podcasting allows you to reach new audiences and build an ongoing relationship with them!

  • Grow Your Income

    Monetizing your podcasts will allow you to multiply your income streams!

  • Get Featured on Key Sites

    Getting known as a podcaster will multiply your impact and help you reach more listeners!

  • Increase Your Credibility

    By interviewing thought leaders in your field you’ll increase your credibility!

  • Work Smart Not Hard

    Syndicating podcasts allows you to deliver messages to listeners without you having to email them!

  • Create Change

    Podcasting allows you to have a positive impact while creating change in the world!

What Our Students Are Saying...

The Podcasting Challenge is so exciting! If I've learned anything working with D'vorah and Doug, it is the importance of expanding my reach as the author of Boldly Bald Women. What good is writing a book about surviving female hair loss and reclaiming joy if the majority of the people it could help don't know it exists? I've learned how valuable it is for people to hear the passion in my voice as I talk about the need to change societal views about bald women.

Who might be waiting for your words, your story, your insight, your genre, a glimpse into your unique message? After all the effort of writing your book, would you deny someone the pleasure of reading it? That's why podcasting is so very important. The chances that somebody out there who needs just what you have to give will hear you or about you increase geometrically in our global community. That's why I encourage you join me and ride this train to Podcast city by participating in the 30-Day Podcasting Challenge. Welcome aboard!

Pam Fitros Pam Fitros

I highly recommend Doug Foresta's program on building an authority platform and message through Podcasting. Doug's structured  approach and keen insights  have enabled me to get on iTunes New & Noteworthy in the first 48 hours. My listening numbers grow week by week (2,000+ a day at the moment) , we have connected with leaders I never could have dreamed of normally, and are being featured in Leadership and Change management magazines and thought leadership blogs.

Tony Sherman Tony Sherman

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Here's an Overview of What You'll Learn in This
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Each day for 30 days, you'll receive a new tutorial that will walk you through an
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  • 1

    Week One: Design a Podcast Your Audience Will be Eager to Listen To

    Podcasting success starts before you ever pick up a microphone. In week one, we’ll show you the biggest mistakes that most podcasters make and what to do instead. You’ll discover how to ensure that your audience will love your podcast, how to create a podcast title and cover artwork that hooks your ideal listener, and the #1 secret to creating a successful podcast.

  • 2

    Week Two: Discover Simple Strategies for Recording and Publishing Your Podcast

    In week two you’ll discover simple and effective methods for recording and publishing your podcast without becoming overwhelmed with technology. You’ll discover how to create quality audio content without spending a lot of money, as well as how to record solo and interview based podcasts. Discover how using easy and free (or low cost) software, you can record interviews with people anywhere in the world!

  • 3

    Week Three: Gain Credibility with Your Audience and Leaders in Your Field

    One of the biggest benefits of podcasting is the increased visibility and credibility. In week three you’ll discover advanced tips for boosting your credibility and visibility and connecting with thought leaders in your niche. We’ll share with you the exact format we use to connect with top bloggers, authors and thought leaders, whether you are doing a solo or interview based podcast.

  • 4

    Week Four: Learn How to Market and Monetize Your Podcast for Maximum Impact

    In week four we share powerful insider strategies for marketing and making money with your podcast. Discover how to rise to the top of iTunes ‘New and Noteworthy’ (the Bestseller List for podcasts,) how to repurpose your podcast into blog posts, articles, and books, and advanced strategies for monetizing your podcast. Finally, we’ll guide you through developing an action plan to increase your success and keep the momentum going!

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Plus These 3 Awesome Bonuses When You Act Right Now

In the first quarter of 2014 I decided to launch a podcast. Why? To reach a new audience with my message of squashing the glorification of busy! My podcast was accepted into iTunes and five days later I had 940 single-day downloads. By following Doug’s carefully outlined tips, tweaks, and hints I reached #1 in New & Noteworthy in my category, and in the first two weeks of being on iTunes the podcast has been downloaded over 13,000 times. I’ve been contacted many times over by people who would like to be interviewed on the show. I’ve had producers and editors contact me with offers of working with them. I’m getting requests to record audiobooks, too. The phenomenal success of the podcast, the stellar ranking and reviews, and the new listeners are all helping me spread my heart-centered message that Life’s Too Short not to live for today.

 Lisa Landtroop Lisa Landtroop

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